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Ventilated Skylight Systems

About Us

From Inspiration to Ventilation…
a CeeFlow is unlike anything you’ve ever seen!

It All Started One Day

…back when Pete was growing up in a family of builders where he worked hard on every job and first developed his passion for working with his hands and finding solutions to building and woodworking challenges. When he and his family were working on roofs, Pete quickly noticed the inherent downfalls associated with most skylights.

Among the downfalls, Pete recalls vividly the lack of insulation and R-value in that rectangular void. He noticed that the skylights were magnets for snow and ice accumulation. And he noticed that with the lack of insulation and ventilation came a lack of R-value which caused terrible condensation on the skylight lens.

In 1973, Pete started playing around with a few ideas on the home he was living in to install a skylight that would prevent some of those issues from happening. And then, 5 years later, it happened…

The Ah-Ha Moment

In 1978, determined to find a solution, Pete put pencil to paper and dreamed up a 2-piece window concept where the top window, or lens, was right at the shingle level so that a transition would not create a snow dam that could eventually cause a leak. Soon thereafter, Pete added a pair of wings to both sides of the CeeFlow to further direct water drainage away from that upper lens.

A few years later, in 1983, several of Pete’s friends urged and convinced him to look into filing a patent on his very unique idea. The next thing he knew, he had networked his way in front of a patent attorney who immediately noticed the patent possibilities and introduced Pete to Ron, one of the most prominent vacuum-forming providers around.

Ron and Pete began re-working the idea to accommodate the vacuum-forming process. Although they were successful at the transformation, they found that the innate characteristic of plastic expanding and contracting, especially over long spans, combined with extreme temperatures caused the vacuum-formed lenses to become brittle, crack, and fail.

Staking His Claim

In 1986, Pete founded CeeFlow, Inc. where he filed for and was awarded patents on the revolutionary technology that went into designing and producing the CeeFlow skylight system. (In a bit of interesting trivia… Pete’s patents were directly responsible for delaying the availability of the domed skylight tubes!)

Over the past 30+ years, Pete has primarily produced and provided his CeeFlows for Architects and Builders that would consult Pete for their custom applications and high-profile projects from coast-to-coast. Also during that time, Pete focused on his passion for doing high-end, custom woodworking projects of all shapes and sizes.

The Future is Now!

With so many things in the building industry turning to “Green” and energy-efficient products and practices, Pete clearly recognized the growing supply-and-demand opportunity to increase production of his coveted CeeFlow skylight system. It is a perfect fit for today’s environmentally conscious designers, builders, and consumers that see the value in quality and performance, especially when it also fills a void that no other skylight system can. (Pun intended!)

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