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Ventilated Skylight Systems

Harvesting the natural light you love in your home without the issues caused by all other skylight systems.


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What is
a CeeFlow?

What is a CeeFlow? That’s a great question! Most people would say that it’s just a rooftop skylight. But when it comes to skylights that allow natural light to flood your home or office, a CeeFlow can be different things to different people.

For Architects, it is an aesthetic dream that does not pose the typical challenges associated with other skylight systems.

For Builders, a CeeFlow vis peace of mind knowing that the hole they punched into a perfectly good roof will not cause the headaches of leak chases and repairs that other skylights require.

For Consumers (Home and Office Owners), a CeeFlow is a worry-free solution that allows them to enjoy all of the benefits of harvesting natural light to use inside without worrying about the typical hassles and maintenance required with other skylight systems.

For Pete Cummings, Owner and Creator of the CeeFlow ventilated skylight system, it is where his passion for the outdoors and energy conversation meets his passion, experience, and talent for producing beautiful woodworking projects.

Regardless who you are or what you like most about the CeeFlow, one thing that everyone agrees on is the superior craftsmanship and all around performance compared to any of the typical skylight systems that are out there.

The ABC’s of CeeFlow

Folks That Love the CeeFlow and Why They Love It



Why Architects Love CeeFlow

Aesthetics & Visual Grace
Does Not Hinder Ventilation
Supports & Protects R-Value


Why Builders Love CeeFlow

Promotes Positive Drainage
Significantly Reduces Call-Backs
Easy to Install


Why Consumers Love CeeFlow

Reliable Source of Natural Light
High Level of Energy Efficiency
Little to No Maintenance

Benefits of the CeeFlow System

Does Not Obstruct Air Flow and Ventilation

Superior Engineering and Construction

Supports and Protects Your Home's R-Value

Complements the Architect's Design

Catptures and Utilizes Organic Light

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whenever you have something new, something unique, you tend to hear A LOT of questions… and we love that! The more you think and ask, the more you learn. The more you learn, the better the chances that you will trust the CeeFlow and realize there is nothing else like it.

We Have You Covered on Any Roof

Whether you have a steep-pitched shingle roof or a low-slope or flat roof, your CeeFlow can be built to accommodate almost any installation application

The Top 3 FAQ’s We Receive

"What are those wing-looking things on the sides?"
Functionally, they promote drainage away from the CeeFlow, significantly reducing if not eliminating potential leaks that are experienced with most other skylight systems. Aesthetically, they provide a unique visual that looks elegant while being robust in your roof!
"Why are there two sets of windows in it?
It creates a significant space barrier between the inside climate and the climate outside. This is especially important and cost-efficient when outside weather conditions are extreme.
"What is the reason why it is ventilated?"
The ventilation is an additional layer of the benefit of separating the outside climate from the inside climate. Without ventilation through the CeeFlow, the stagnant air would do a decent job of creating that barrier. When you introduce ventilation, it acts like a vacuum that ushers the change in climate that is created out of the CeeFlowinto the attic and out the ridge vent. The ventilation then becomes a vital component that sets the CeeFlow apart from it’s lesser efficient standard skylights.

“I have known the owner forever. You will not find anyone better.”

Larry Weber

“Quality supplied by good people!” 

Diane Dobry

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